General Generator

Kipor always develops the products in view of the customers considerations. To bring the users more ease of mind, Kipor equips the new control panel as well as new automatic transfer switch to general-purpose generator sets. The new series of generator sets feature the following prominent benefits:

The new generation of digital control panel is applied.

The new digital panel can be applied to dual voltage, single-phase and three-phase generator sets, whereas the first generation is only applicable to single phase generator sets.

When the utility power fails, Kipor automatic transfer switch senses a loss of power and immediately starts the generator. Once utility power is restored, the transfer switch shifts your electric appliance back to utility power, and shuts down the generator.

The automatic transfer switch “exercises” the generator system weekly to ensure it is always in working order.

The automatic transfer switch can be mounted inside the generator, or be attached as an optional part.

Most generators are equipped with brushless alternator, which is good for establishing stable voltage in short time. Meanwhile, the generator set can maintain smooth and quality output.

Stylish and user-friendly industry design.



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