Light Tower

After developed various series of back-up power system, KIPOR didn't stop at the current products' research and development. To provide the users more convenience and more benefits,  KIPOR recently makes the first step to the industry machinery field with rich developing experience of power system.
The KIPOR mobile light towers can be applied for wide situations, such as construction sites, emergency, industrial, mining, civil engineering and event lighting.
All of the light towers are equipped with KIPOR high quality digital generators or traditional ones.

The new launched mobile light tower features strong wind-proof ability and large area of illumination.
KIPOR's compact mobile light tower is equipped with 1000 watts, 4000 or 6000 watts qualified halide lights, which is designed for a compact and efficient installation. Furthermore, you can choose the suitable power level lights according to your practical requirements.
Both the mast and the illumination angle of the light tower can be adjusted freely, which give you much flexibility. Meanwhile, the tower is designed user-friendly both for operating and handling.

Wide Lighting Area
KIPOR light tower applying parallel lamp structure is more efficient than competitive lighting system and provides up to 50% more light output. In addition, the unique top structure of the lamp shade directs up to 10% of previously wasted skyward light to the work site.

Easy for Transport
The light tower is equipped with automotive quality wheels and tires suitable for any road surface. A connecting hitch and steel cable is provided for connecting to towing vehicles.

Dual Application
The generator inside the light tower can be used as back-up power for emergency applications.
There are two receptacles on the mast of the light tower. You can switch off the lights and then connect another electrical load to get a quality power output from the generator. The receptacles can be configured to your voltage requirements of 110V,120V, 23OV or 240V.

Advantages of Halide Lamp
Internal structure of metal halide lamp
The lamination of the metal halide lamp produces light through the electrical discharge of its internal gasses. Therefore, there is no worry about filament which will easily break or deteriorate over time. The lamp can't be used again once the filament breakage has occurred.



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