Hybrid Forklift

The pioneer of hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission by 30%.

Unique driving system

The product applies unique hybrid driving system and hydraulic variable control system.  

Hybrid technology represents the concept and new technology of energy conversion and pollution reduction.

The hybrid driving system keeps the engine at optimum working condition, with good dynamic performance and low noise, shock and emission.

It is ground-breaking in China and leading in the world to apply this technology to industry vehicle.

Solution: At the optimum condition, the forklift truck runs on electric energy from engine-powered generator and variable hydraulic pump. Based on the working condition and request, the electric control system computes required engine power and controls engine fuel consumption and actual power output through the electric regulating system, so as to save energy source. Variable hydraulic pump helps to decrease the system reactive power loss, thereby ensures energy saving of the whole system further.   

The product is equipped with electric linear drive axle, which arranges motor, differential gear and reducer in line. The reducer works with planetary wheel-side, ensuring the system more compact and the transmission more efficient. The breaker applies wet brake pad for the motor, thus brings less braking force and higher braking efficiency.  


Foot-operated parking brake: once for brake, twice for release.

The lateral plate is designed to be camber formed by overall stamping, so as to save materials without reducing the intensity.

Both the front and the rear columns in the cab introduce curved arc design with irregular section, allowing the cab room more spacious.

Enhance protection performance from various aspects, greatly ensuring safety of the drivers.  


With innovative arc and streamlined design as well as design concept of car, the forklift looks more dynamic and beautiful.

Advanced ergonomic and human-oriented design ensures optimal operation, cab room space, legroom, driving comfort and all-round visibility.

High safety. The taillight assembly applies unique arc design to ensure all-round observation of the indication lamp and understanding of the forklift condition. The canopy guard applies overall stamping and the column applies irregular section, so as to strengthen the intensity of cab room. 


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Product Description Promotes clean work environment. Optimum productivity in manufa..
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