New generation of digital AC driving technology

New generation of AC driving system, with perfect traction performance, adapt for all working conditions. Independent research and development.

AC variable frequency driving motor

New generation of AC variable frequency driving motor, excellent accelerating and grade climbing performance. The working efficiency is greatly improved. Independent research and development.

Energy regeneration and regenerative braking

Loosening the accelerator pedal, the electromotor will charge the battery to recover the energy. The mechanical wear is also cut down. Energy recovery also happens in brake and downgrade. 

Comfortable suspended seat

Applying the new type of suspended seat: adjust the bearing capacity according to the weight,     

and provide the most comfort. The moving range is as far as 150mm. 


Reliable accelerator

The inner safety switch ensures safer operation.

The service life is more than 10 million times.

Big steering angle

Bigger steering angle ensures smaller turning radius and easier operation,

and the space utilization ratio is also increased.

Beautiful and useful tighten mechanism

The tighten mechanism is installed at the top of the cover, so that the forklift is

more beautiful, convenient and useful.

Tricolor taillight

The tricolor taillight gives you obvious indications of turning, breaking and reversing,

which ensure more safety for both life and property.

Easy maintenance

Applying the new generation AC driving motor, there is no need of carbon brush or changing

the easy wearing parts. So the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

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Product Description * Comfortable suspended seat * Reliable accelerator * Big steerin..
Product Description * Comfortable suspended seat * Reliable accelerator * Big steerin..
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