Wheel Loader

Kipor  wheel loader is researched and developed independently by our company, which is a kind of medium and small size loader with four wheel drive and full hydraulic drive, and shares the leading level in both the domestic and foreign market.

Designing theory: advanced technology, excellent performance, reliable running, easy operation, safe and comfortable traveling. It is widely used in different sites, such as engineering construction, highway and mine operation.

Front/Rear Axle

Planetary transmission is equipped with a compact structure and big torque.

Friction sheet and antiskid transmission ensure strong cross-country and climbing capacity.


With new steel frame, the cab features wider view field, reliable safety and low noise.

Spacious cab is provided with instruments and control devices in reasonable arrangement for convenient operation.

Noise-absorbing, thermal insulation, and high class decoration materials are used for internal decoration.

The low vibration suspending seat is designed specially for the operators and improves human feeling.

The air conditioner is optional.


Supporting device for lifting operation to prevent sudden falling and ensure safety and reliability. 


Welding Structure

New-style articulated front/rear frames, small turning radius, good through and climbing capacity. Good carrying capacity and stability.

Hydraulic System

The variable plug pump motor is adopted in the traveling system which leads to simple operation, stable traveling and reliable performance.

The high-pressure gear pump is adopted in the working system which leads to quick lifting speed and high efficiency.

All the hydraulic parts are well-known brands in China, with perfect and reliable performance.  

Wide Thread Steel Radial Tyre

Excellent cutting proof and wearproof performance, wide antiskid groove, good heat dispersion and self-washing performance,

big adhesive to ground, and nice traction.                       

Widely applied for mining, earth-moving, loading and digging operation.

Electric System

The cable and jacket are made of anti-flaming material.

High-grade battery and electric parts are applied to ensure more reliable and stable system.

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Product Description *  Hydraulic drive is applied to the traveling system, with inf..
Product Description *  Hydraulic drive is applied to the traveling system, &nbs..
Product Description *  Hydraulic drive is applied to the traveling system, &nbs..
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