Hydraulic Excavator

KIPOR hydraulic excavator is researched and developed independently by Wuxi Kipor Power Co., Ltd,

which is a kind of small size hydraulic excavator and shares the leading level in both the domestic and

foreign market. It is the ideal working machine for agriculture, water conservation and engineering


Engine System

Equipped with engine which is researched and developed by our company; Enjoys perfect performance,

higher power, lower fuel consumption, exhaust and noise.

Compact Structure, No Tail Rotation

The no tail rotation structure is applied; as a result, the tail part is contained within the pedrail range and

the excavator can now work freely even in the long and narrow area. The machine working efficiency is

greatly improved.

Boom Side-shift Device

With the side-shift device on the front, the excavator can work on the cliff or wall directly and easily, so

that the machine application range is widened.

Good Stability

It is designed with excellent stability in every digging direction, in order to ensure comfort and safety for

the driver.


The liquid crystal electric monitor is used to check the operation conditions, such as the fuel level, cooling

water temperature, and alarm system.


Operation System

World-class advanced operation system is applied for easy operation of boom, bucket rod, rotation, earth

pushing and swing; the labor intensity is also reduced.

Beautiful and Fashionable Appearance

The whole covering surface is pressed and painted with advanced technology, so the machine

appearance is extremely colorful and attractive.

Convenient Daily Check

Open the rear cover, left cover and front door, and then check the hydraulic system, engine system and the

accessory parts, there is no need for any tools.


Easy Maintenance

It takes only few minutes to disassemble the right cover, front cover, tool tank and check the inner parts.

Maintenance-free Battery

First-class quality and long working time.


Hydraulic System

Application of full power variable control system results in high efficiency and low fuel consumption and

avoids engines’shutting down from over load. It is featured by fine compound action cooperation, large

digging force and traction force, and world famous hydraulic components.

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Product Description *Alternative and elegant appearance; *Human-based design,high working..
Product Description *Alternative and elegant appearance; *Human-based design,high working..
Product Description *Alternative and elegant appearance; *Human-based design,high working..
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