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* Convenient paralleling function

* Intelligent management on battery charging

* Soft start

* High automation

* Energy-saving by 20% - 25%

* Large current, compact size and light weight

Model D6DCG-SW
Rated output(kW) 6
Rated voltage(V) 52.5
Rated current(A) 114.3
Rated speed(r/min) 1400-1800
Battery voltage(V) 48
Generator model type KD100-DC
Type Multi-pole permanent magnet
Power factor(cosΦ) 1.0
Loop mode Single-phase three-loop
Insulation grade H
Compression ratio 22.5:1
Rated power[kW/(r/min)] 9/1800
Rated speed(r/min) 1800
Lubrication system Pressure splashed
Lube oil brand SAE10W-40(above CD grade)
Lube oil capacity(L) 4.5
Starting system Electric starter
Battery capacity 12V 36Ah
Cooling water capacity 0.925
Engine radiator tank(L) 3.1
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption ≤340
Fuel tank capacity(L) 30
Continous running time(at rated output)(hr) 8
Noise level(zero load-full load)[dB(A)/7m] 58
Overall dimension(LXWXH)(mm) 1460X790X1290
Net weight(kg) 550
Structure type Outdoor silent
Protective grade IP44


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Compared with the traditional AC generator with power switch, KIPOR’s digital DC generator are capable of reducing fuel consumption by 20%-25%. (See the testing cases)
Large Current, Compact Size and Light Weight
Compared with AC generator of same power with DC output through switch power supply,current will be larger by 52%.
Convenient Paralleling Function
The DC generators can be paralleled together with two or more, without limitation on model or quantity. The paralleling function may select the sets of responding power and the quantity according to the load condition.
Management of Smart Accumulator
Adaptable to quick charge. Prolong the service life of accumulator. Charging process may be three steps: constant flow, equalized charge and floating charge. The charging process complies with technical standards of YD/T 799-2000 ”Technical Requirements And Test Methods of VRLA Battery for Telecommunication”.
Soft Start of Power Output
Soft start:Current slowly rises after start to avoid the impact to communication loads and batteries. The max current can be steplessly and widely adjusted, which is applicable to the battery charging and load power supply for various base stations.
High Degree of Automation
RS232/RS485 communication port can provide with open communication protocol, incorporate with the power environmental centralized monitoring network and realize the remote control. When utility power is cut off, firstly accumulators supply power for loads; generator will start automatically to supply power for loads and charge the accumulators simultaneously as soon as the voltage of accumulators go down below the rated value. After the utility power restoration and full charge of accumulators, the generator will stop automatically. Thus it can replace the traditional AST cabinet and reduce the running cost of communication operators.

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